Juan Caicedo

  • retiredcanadianpoet@gmail.com
  • 503-481-2895
  • 15755 NW Oak Hills DR
  • Beaverton, OR, USA, 97006

Technical Skills

Software Engineering5 years professional experience
Node.js3 years
Javascript3 years
AWS3 years
CSS2 years
React1 year
Elm1 year

Experience with

  • Remote work (2 years)
  • Rich client-side applications
  • Micro-service architecture
  • REST web services
  • Unit Testing
  • Test Driven Development
  • SQL, NoSql, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Dev Ops
  • Docker
  • Web performance optimization

GitHub Profile




  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in Linguistics University of British Columbia (graduated May 2013)
  • J2EE training program Multivision, Inc (February 2014)


  • Oracle Certified Java Associate (Java 1.7)
  • BrainBench Java 6 fundamentals


  • Curiosity Media, Inc Full Stack Software Engineer (February 2015 - October 2017)

  • Multivision, Inc Java Web Developer (September 2013 - February 2015)



Language learning guide


  • Implemented custom markdown syntax to enable content team to easily author new articles.
  • Developed styling for components so they could be used anywhere in an article, including nested within each other.
  • Added backend method for retrieving articles by topic.

Spelling suggestions


  • Created scripts to pull all search query data (10 million queries) from Mixpanel API.
  • Enabled data cleaning and normalization by implementing a Node.js command line tool to handle query data as a stream
  • Constructed micro-service to retrieve spelling suggestions from Elasticsearch
  • Implemented backend logic to route users to top selling suggestion
  • Integrated spelling suggestions into UI to give users more insight into how they arrived at an entry.



  • Integrated new React architecture and webpack build into existing server rendered pipeline.
  • Created and styled quiz UI components and interaction logic.
  • Established single state store using Redux to share state between components
  • Added game-like animations to make user experience engaging.



  • Integrated Auth0 authentication API for GitHub OAuth access.
  • Leveraged GitHub API to pull in user's notifications.
  • Persisted notifications to firebase for real time data synchronization.
  • Built front-end client application with Elm.

Store Science

An analytics platform connecting Shopify and AliExpress data, allowing owners of dropshipping businesses to quickly visualize their profitability by product.

  • Integrated Shopify OAuth flow to gain access to user's sales data.
  • Levaraged Next.js to enable universal rendering.

Conference Talks