About me

My name is Juan Caicedo, I'm a Colombian/Canadian/American full stack JS developer.

I was born in Montreal to Colombian parents and spent most of my life between Bogotá and Portland, Oregon. This made me fascinated with how languages work and how we used them, leading me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. That interest lead me to Natural Language Processing and eventually web development.

After working as a contractor for various government programs in Java, I became interested in the young Node.js scene and started working for CuriosityMedia on SpanishDict.com first in the city and afterwards remotely.

Because I entered programming through a "non-traditional path", I'm really interested in helping others get started in the industry. When living in Washington DC I helped establish NodeSchool DC and was an organizer for NodeDC. I also give talks an workshops all over the world to help others learn various javascript topics.



I've written various blog posts (on here and at Medium) about my interests in javascript, emacs, and programming.

Conference Talks